Our History

In 1747, The young French officer, Captain Jules Armand de Mont Choisy, discovered the place and found it ideal to set-up an observation post and permanent defense of the North of the Island, between the West coast and the banks of the perfectly formed natural harbor of Grand Baie. Since then, famous people from around the world were drawn to the natural, mild climate and abundant beauty of the place.

  • The famous Austrian explorer Ida Pfeiffer, who after having been around the world twice, found here peace and beauty;
  • The Adventurer Joseph Lambert, who came to seek fortune and who found love;
  • Maurice Samat, who in 1933, inaugurated the first international flight to Reunion Island, from what was at the time, the Racecourse of Mont Choisy, before becoming the airport of Mauritius until the creation of the current Plaisance airport.

The Plain of Mont Choisy owes its name to the vast piece of land that stretches from the sugar cane fields to the beach. In 1891, it was also the place for epic horse racing instead of Champ de Mars in Port-Louis and where results were then being sent to the  capital by carrier pigeon!

The Compagnie de Mont Choisy was established two centuries ago with the first sugar cane plantations on part of its land in 1820.

In 1875, aloe vera was planted to replace sugar cane due to the proliferation of diseases and successive droughts. Aloe vera, a robust plant with leaves up to two meters high, was used in the manufacturing of jute bags to safely transport sugar. Signs of these cultures are still present in Mont Choisy. The House, the farm building, the old chimney of the sugar mill, the ancient facilities for the treatment of aloe vera and the lime kiln are among the last remnants of the bygone era, with its majestic “Portail de l’amitié” agift from King Radama II from Madagascar, a gate made of wrought iron, which is in front of the House.

Mont Choisy, now the gateway of the North, is being transformed into a world class resort thanks to its glorious past and ancestral assets. While preserving its historical heritage and the environment, Mont Choisy is a new lifestyle project with houses, villas and various leisure areas at the heart of which is the Golf.